Underwater room open!

The Manta Underwater Room is open for visitors on Pemba Island! The floating underwater hotel room is secured with Seaflex and allows guests to sleep tight among the wild ocean fish. Seaflex keeps the building secure and stable while leaving this beautiful underwater ecosystem and seafloor unharmed.

Learn more and book your visit at the

Floating Solar Park in Canoe Brook, NJ since 2011

Since we believe being environmentally aware and safe is one of our most important tasks we were proud to get the chance to moor such an innovative aplication. Both the Seaflex, the Poralu docking and the solar panels all survived the pass-through of hurricane Irene.

Read more in this Marina World article.

MRA Innovation Award 2015

We are proud to announce that Seaflex won the MRA Innovation Award 2015 when our
representatives from Seaflex Inc visited the MRA Exhibition in Santa Barbara, October 26-28!

The Marina Recreation Association (MRA) Innovation Award, honors development and
technical advances in the recreational marina and boatyard industry, recognizing companies,
organizations and individuals who have advanced technology in a way that materially affects
the industry.

MRA innovation Award 2015 3

Brian Hylland, Seaflex Inc.





The Marina Book

We highly recommend to buy this exclusive and great book on the specific Marina market written by the well-known Ralf Heron. Due to our participation with Seaflex we also extend a special 25% discount when ordering the book at adding “SEAFLEXSPECIAL” on the order form in order to receive the reduction in price. Click on the picture and order it from Marina Publications.


Seaflex concept

Seaflex - The Mooring System

Seaflex is an elastic mooring solution for docks/pontoons, wave attenuators and buoys that is unrivaled in its ability to keep the floating application secured in position even in locations with high water fluctuation and waves. The product can handle extreme forces and has the longest life expectancy of mooring solutions today. View the concept of our product in the animations below.

Seaflex in motion

Seaflex moored buoys

Seaflex brochures

View an animation of the concept of Seaflex when used with docks/pontoons in a marina. View an animation of the concept of Seaflex when used with swing mooring buoys. Order or download more information about our product.
Seaflex in motion animation_helix_150x120 3_brochures_thumb


The Environmental mooring System

SEAFLEX is an elastic mooring system that moors pontoons and buoys in every ocean on the planet, under all weather conditions. SEAFLEX moorings are highly resistant to corrosion and are unrivalled in their ability to safely and securely adjust with tides and wave motion. It does not damage sensitive ecosystem on the seabed and requires minimal maintenance. SEAFLEX is one of the most reliable mooring systems on the market whether for complete marinas, breakwaters, buoys, free-floating docks or fishing farms.

SEAFLEX´s unique design allows it to slowly extend and return in a smooth, even movement. In conjunction with initial pre-tension, SEAFLEX mooring provides progressive resistance to wave - motion in both the vertical and lateral plane. Disturbing wakes common in harbours and marinas, with lots of traffic are largely negated, significantly reducing the risk of damage to moored boats. Navigation buoys moored with SEAFLEX do not change position to the same degree as chain moorings, a quality which greatly improves marine safety in narrow straits and in harbours. SEAFLEX medmoored and single point moorings provide flexible and secure mooring in all weather conditions.

For any Application

  • Docks / Pontoons
  • Wave Attenuators
  • Mooring Buoys
  • Navigational Buoys
  • Other Floating Devices

With any Anchor

  • Embedment Anchors
  • Gravity Anchors
  • Coral Spikes
  • Rock Bolts

At any Location

  • Any Depth
  • Any Tide
  • Anywhere
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