Floating solar panels

Solar energy solutions based on floating platforms have several advantages, both financial and environmental. Any floating platform needs a safe and reliable mooring solution. SEAFLEX has already been used to moor several of the early adaptations of this application.

There are both financial and environmental advantages to installing solar panels on water instead of land.

Financial advantage

The benefits of floating solar panels on water come mainly in the form of increased generating efficiency. A study has found that the natural cooling effect of the water beneath the solar cells makes them up to 11% more efficient than solar panels placed on land. Furthermore, the location of the solar cells can make a big difference in longevity since there is a reduced risk of destruction due to wildlife, storms and earthquakes.

Environmental advantage

Another advantage is the fact that a floating platform on the water creates a shadow effect on the water and thereby reduces the heating and consequential dissipation of the water. This is of course of highest importance in irrigation dams and similar locations, where the water can be kept in the dam rather than dissipating into the air. This added shade also reduces algae growth in the vicinity.

Why SEAFLEX is the preferred option

Due to the importance of maintaining a high uptime for these panels, unneccesary repairs and replacements of the moorings can be a deterrent for some would-be investors. By using SEAFLEX, the panels can be moored safely and fast, and any inspections or repairs are much easier to perform than with traditional mooring solutions.

A very good example of the importance for a reliable mooring solution can be found in Canoe Brook just north of New York. This project was initiated by Eneractive in their goal to provide a local water treatement plant with solar energy. Together with the Canadian company Poralu a complete floating support structure was developed based on the famous Poralu aluminum pontoon/dock system. The complete structure is moored with SEAFLEX and has after the first year proven to withstand the strike of Hurricane Irene as well as a full “winterization” of the still floating platforms. Please visit Poralu website at: www.poralu.com or Eneractive website for more information about the project. Further details can be found here.

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