SEAFLEX Mooring System

sfx_intersectedThe main part of SEAFLEX® is a reinforced homogeneous rubber hawser. According to tests monitored by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) one single SEAFLEX® rubber hawser can withstand a force of drag greater than 10 kN and more than a 100% elongation. The elongation enables SEAFLEX® to take care of all natural, and almost all artificial, water level fluctuations.

Another special function with the SEAFLEX® hawser is that the restraining forces increases during the elongation, following a progressive curve giving an optimal dampening effect.

Each end of the rubber hawser is attached to a high quality stainless steel fitting. The rubber hawser with its end fittings are used in single or multiple hawser configurations depending on the force that will be induced in SEAFLEX®.

The rubber hawsers are then attached to stainless steel plates. The plates can be equipped with shackles and thimbles in different configurations, i.e. shackle/thimble, shackle/shackle or thimble/thimble depending on the given conditions.

The Seaflex thimble are designed to be used with rope diameters from 18mm up to 32mm depending on the Seaflex model.  The rope is attached to the thimble by a quick splice. The quick splice has a low affect on the break strength of the rope. The synthetic rope recommended is well tested and has a break load, at least, double the break load of the biggest SEAFLEX® model (with 10 hawsers). This is to ensure that the maintenance over the years will be kept at the lowest possible level.

The integrated Seaflex shackle is designed to be attached to an anchor eyelet. Depending on the material in the anchor eyelet Seaflex can be equipped with stainless or galvanized shackle. A mixture of material would result in a galvanic corrosion which could cause severe damages to the material. SEAFLEX® AB do however always recommend to use stainless steel parts, both in SEAFLEX® and anchor, in order to ensure increased durability and lifespan.

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