Spotlight: Kokomo Private Island

Located in the well-known “paradise on earth” Fiji, this ultra-luxurious private island can only be accessed by helicopter or seaplane.

Quoting the official website of Kokomo Island Fiji, the resort “fuses unscripted luxury with the bounty of space and the generosity of time to do as much (or as little) and your holiday heart desires.” With crystal clear waters and clear skies, this destination will for sure be on the wish-list of anyone looking to experience true luxury.

This destination has been developed with an eye towards sustainable design practices and ensuring a close connection to the environment, thus adopting the term “sustainable luxury”. This fits very well with our mission, and with Seaflex products mooring the pontoon welcoming every guest, we have also added the element of sustainability and environmental friendliness to this section of the resort. For this project, we also partnered with the environmentally friendly anchor supplier Helix Mooring.

We are thrilled to have been able to provide one piece of the puzzle in creating such an interesting mix of innovation, sustainability and luxury. For more information about Kokomo Private Island, please visit the official website.

Bula, and welcome!

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