ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina

The state-of-the-art ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina is now under construction. Waterfront Alliance has interviewed Tim O’Brien, the general manager of the marina.

With enough space to accommodate 190 boats up to 250 feet in size, this marina will surely be a sight to behold. Tim O’Brien, the general manager of the marina, explains that this marina will increase the number of slips available in New York City by 25 percent, and also offer a community dock, where we’ve earlier learned that community programs will be run by local nonprofits, conducting sailing lessons, kayaking tours and other environmental education classes.

As we have mentioned earlier, one of the things that makes this marina so special is that it is installed directly above an active subway line. Because of this, drilling piles into the waterbed to hold up the docks was not possible. Using chain was also deemed impossible, due to the waves caused by the constant ferry traffic in the area. Now the floating docks are held in place using our SEAFLEX elastic mooring system, which does not interfere with the subway line below, and can withstand the constant waves caused by the ferry traffic.

Tim O’Brien explains the benefits of using Seaflex when asked about his promise that they will provide the calmest marina basin in New York City:

“Also, most marinas are built by banging pilings into the ground and hooking docks onto the pilings. This way, however, docks move around a lot. It’s also not ideal, when you’re building over subways for obvious reasons. So we used the SEAFLEX system that’s used around the world but not here. (…) Even at low tide the SEAFLEX is designed to be about 30 percent pre-tensioned, so there’s a fair amount of downward tension on the dock, and it creates a lot of stability and stiffness.”

The grand opening of the ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina is planned for spring 2016. For more information, please visit the ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina official website.


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