Seaflex moors One° 15 Brooklyn Marina

The 8-acre marina, designed to provide berthing for roughly 140 boats ranging in size from 16’ to 250’ in length, is located in the heart of Brooklyn Bridge Park and features stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting about the One° 15 Brooklyn Marina being built, and has talked to Greg Weykamp, president of Edgewater Resources LLC  who co-owns the marina. One of the things that makes this marina so special is that it is installed directly above an active subway line. Because of this, drilling piles into the waterbed to hold up the docks is not possible. Using chain instead was also deemed impossible, due to the constant ferry traffic in the area causing a lot of waves. Instead, the floating docks are held in place using our SEAFLEX elastic mooring system, which does not interfere with the subway line below, and can withstand the constant waves caused by the ferry traffic. Using SEAFLEX has also created added stability and safety for marina visitors.

From the WSJ: “The elastic system, in contrast to using large metal chains, is preferable for marinas located in bodies of water where waves are rough as on the east River, Mr. Weykamp noted.”

The state-of-the-art marina will also have community programs that will be run by local nonprofits, where sailing lessons, kayaking tours and other environmental education classes will be conducted. The marina is set to open officially next spring between Piers 4 and 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

To find out more about the One° 15 Brooklyn Marina, please visit the official website.


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