Seaflex moors Vancouver Seaplane Terminal

Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre is constructing a harbour development in front of the Trade and Convention Centre. Removing the huge piles originally used, the terminal is now moored using SEAFLEX.

The Journal of Commerce reports about the construction of the new Vancouver Seaplane dock and Terminal facility, and the General Manager of marine facilities Miles Hollingbury explains the reasons for choosing SEAFLEX:

“The SEAFLEX system provides a progressive resistance to both horizontal and vertical movement during all tidal conditions, currents and wave motion. The length of the SEAFLEX hawser increases or stretches with the tide maintaining tension at all times and dampens the effect of all movements in water. In the past, marine floating docks were constructed and anchored using piles and/or concrete and steel conventional anchors along with galvanized chains. With piles you need a crane barge, which pounds and vibrates the piles into the sea floor. Piles can be obtrusive and setting them is perhaps a little more environmentally invasive.”

One of the most important factors when choosing how to moor the new Seaplane terminal was environmental impact. Using chains and conventional anchoring systems may scour the seabed over time and damage the underwater flora. Mr. Hollingbury also explains that installing SEAFLEX mooring is in fact faster and cheaper than installing piles:

“Once your floats are ready they can be anchored in a few days. Piles can take a few weeks and are more expensive.”

The installation is set to be completed in the spring of 2011. For more information, please visit the official VHFC website.


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