Spotlight: 2.5 Megawatt floating solar

The largest floating solar project completed with Seaflex to date

Located in Middenmeer, The Netherlands, this 2.5 Megawatt floating solar park is the largest completed commercial FPV installation using Seaflex to date. It is the result of a great collaboration between Seaflex and Profloating.

This project is another example proving the scalability of Seaflex mooring for much larger FPV systems. The technical collaboration with Profloating has resulted in new, innovative ideas of how to optimize the mooring system even more: the entire park consists of 6 200 floats, but only needs 104 Seaflex units in total!

Shortly after installation, the park was put to the test with the encounter of storm Ciara. With wind speeds up to 130 km/h, the storm has been a great test from mother nature for the entire system. We are happy to report that the entire installation is still perfectly fine. In fact, the pictures above were taken just a few days after this major storm!

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