Spotlight: Floating Farm in the Netherlands

Seaflex moors the world-unique “milk bottle” in the Netherlands.

Recently Profloating, a Dutch company specialized in floating solar energy solutions and Seaflex partner in several FPV ventures, has completed the construction of the world’s first floating PV system in the form of a milk bottle in the port of Rotterdam. The installation with the unique layout was done in close collaboration with Floating Farm, a fully functional dairy farm on water in the city.

This makes the port of Rotterdam a scientific research location that is also accessible to interested parties. They can experience floating solar energy solutions themselves in practice. The milk bottle project is the first working floating solar project that has been realized in a port with an open sea connection, largely due to the choice of Seaflex as the mooring system as well as special floats that are more well-suited to saltwater than normal floats.

This summer, Profloating and the Floating Farm opened their doors to the public. In September of this year, Profloating will also, together with Solar Plaza, organize the world’s first floating solar energy conference for the Floating Farm project where Seaflex will attend and speak about the benefits of choosing an elastic mooring system for floating solar installations.

Pictures courtesy of Profloating.

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