Spotlight: Lake St. Louis Marina

The Lake Saint Louis Community Association has had a long-standing problem with the old anchoring system used at the main marina in the lake.

The cable-and-winch system used at the main marina could not properly handle the water level fluctuation at the lake, caused both by the lake lowering that takes place every three years and by overnight floods that can bring the lake up three feet or more. The association contacted Tiger Docks for help, and Seaflex was presented as an optimal solution to handle the water level variation.

Tiger Docks’ COO Nick Davis explained in a press release that the biggest challenge during the installation was handling the 8000-pound concrete blocks in the tight spaces under the marina, and confirmed the benefits of using Seaflex as the preferred mooring system.

Mike Hylland, Sales Executive at Seaflex – who was also interviewed for the press release – confirmed the success of the project and praised Tiger Docks for the work done to bring the beautiful marina into the future with a more technologically advanced and sustainable mooring system.

Tiger Docks works primarily in the Midwest in the United States and is a great partner to Seaflex due to their almost 25-year experience of marine construction and extensive knowledge of how to properly install Seaflex. For more information about the project, please visit Tiger Docks website.

Lake St. Louis is a 600-acre private lake located in Missouri just west of St. Louis in St. Charles County. The community has approximately 14 000 residents and was established as a city in May of 1975. Besides two lakes in total, the community boasts golf courses, parks, beaches, swimming pools and tennis courts.

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